Bike Tracking

Why Does the Motorcycle & Bike Industry Use GPS tracking?

Bikes are handy, sturdy and fantastic modes of transport. They beat traffic, offer minimal parking problems and don’t guzzle up gas like four wheelers do. And nothing quite spells outdoors like a bike ride does. So, it is little wonder that we invest so time and money much in buying the right bike. Be it a sports bike, a cruiser, a street bike, an ATV or a dirt bike even, motorbikes are generally more prone to theft owing to their portability and size. And we don’t want to see that happen, do we? This Is where GPS motorcycle tracking comes in. GPS trackers have become an indispensable part of the Motorcycle & Bike Industry. And it is not difficult to see why, because the benefits to both the industry and consumers alike are multifold.

GPS Bike Tracking

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S4 Vehicle Tracker

Benefits Of Using Waterproof Sonasonic S4 GPS Bike Tracker:

  • Bike GPS offers complete and simple solutions for round the clock bike monitoring
  • Allows anyone to track your motorcycle’s whereabouts in real-time from anywhere in the world, via the internet, through uniquely designed web-based mapping software.
  • In the event of a crash or accident, the GPS device immediately sends notifications or alerts to the nearest Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and fetches timely help
  • Reduces the hassle of insurance claims by offering real time status updates, therefore effectively preventing theft.
  • Immediately sends alerts if someone starts a bike or rides it outside a preset area. This is called Geo-fencing. And if a bike wanders outside a designated geo fenced area, an alert is automatically sent from your bike tracker device.
  • Hassle free software. Easy to install. Reduces labor costs required to install bulkier and more cumbersome counterparts.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Since the unit is small, unobtrusive and easy to mount, no costs are incurred in engaging fresh designs.
  • GPS devices offer comprehensive theft protection. If there is an attempt to hotwire the bike, an automated email or cell phone alert is sent, after which the consumer can immediately log on through a smartphone or laptop and activate the ignition disable switch.
  • Safe driving settings. Motorcycle trackers monitor your bike’s speed and tilt conditions round the clock. If a certain threshold is exceeded, an alert is automatically set to your phone. This way, riders can be more aware of their own driving skills. Better drivers make better engines. And better engines, reduce repairing costs. Ensures safety & security for both drivers and vehicles.
  • Never be lost. GPSmotorcycle tracking offers integrated Google Maps to ensure that you always find your way. Increases productivity.
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