Boat Tracking

Why does the Boating Industry use GPS tracking?

The earth is two-thirds water. And your boat or fleet is an infinitesimal fraction of that volume. Please do the math and consider the odds of locating your boat in that vast expanse of unpredictable aqua. A needle in a haystack is not a suitable analogy and even this age old axiom falls short of describing the odds accurately. Boats are lost at sea every day. And most of the time finding them is a virtually impossible task. Sea weather is unpredictable and unruly and the tide can change at the drop of a hat. It is extremely vital that boat crews stay informed of weather conditions and alternative course routes.

This is where Boat GPS tracking steps in. Be it an individual boat owner or a fleet manager, GPS boat tracking systems are virtually impossible to ignore. From theft prevention and location tracking to weather updates, stay on top of your game with GPS boat tracking systems.

GPS Boat Tracking

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How has the introduction of GPS systems affected Boat industry? Let us take a look.

  • Quickly locate, in real time specific vessels or barges at exact locations on a map or plotter. Receive immediate updates via SMS or email. Offshore handheld GPS receivers let you navigate the boat remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Plan, organize, reroute and chart routes with the help of your mouse, on an easily accessible, extremely user friendly interface.
  • Man overboard Functions. Receive alerts in case of such hazards prompting you to take immediate action.
  • Link GPS to autopilot on powerboats or sailboats, reducing the likelihood of manual error.
  • Mark good routes, customize itineraries and refer to them as and when you require with the help of historical information saved on secure servers.
  • Save and view log details of routes taken. This improves process efficiency.
  • Track and find a lost boat easily.
  • Prevent theft by setting up alarms and creating Geo-fences.
  • Easy installation, work with most plotter devices.
  • GPS boat trackers are waterproof and often weatherproof rugged devices.
  • Create custom alarms for theft, anchor, man overboard and a lot more.
  • Receive constant weather updates that will help avoid bad weather.
  • Receive constant information on engine conditioned, top speed, direction, distance, and pace.
  • Understand the effects of wind shifts and navigate sailboats accordingly.
  • Label load contents as well to monitor delivery from loading to dock.
  • Extremely affordable devices which can easily installed on a single boat or an entire fleet.
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