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Why does the Food & Beverage Industry use GPS tracking?

Food & Beverage is a major global industry. With more restaurants and corporations springing up by the day, the demand for timely food & beverageis ever on the rise. One of the biggest challenges in meeting this demand is time, which in turn translates to freshness. Delivering perishables is a tricky job and one small delay can cause the entire shipment to be rejected. So, in these times of high demand and increasing challenges, how do you keep your customer base happy and satisfied?

With GPS tracking technology, stay on top your game and ensure effective fleet management. Optimize your business, increase your profits and most importantly keep your customers returning for more with GPS tracking.

GPS Beverage Food Tracking

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Here are some of the benefits of using Food & Beverage GPS trackers.

  • Knowledge is power. GPS vehicle trackers determine accurate food truck location in real time and dispatch continuous feed and updates via satellite or cellular network. This information is continuously passed on to a central server where it is stored and can be retrieved at any time. Ensure a streamlined process of keeping up with demand by knowing exactly where your delivery vehicles are at all times.
  • Fleet management GPS also integrates with traffic updates providing you with driving directions necessary to avoid obstacles and pileups along the way making sure that all deliveries are made on time.With a clearly defined map, highlighted driving directions to destination and an easy to use interface, reaching point B has never been easier
  • GPS fleet trackers help in navigating through harsh environments and rugged terrains when visibility is poor.
  • Keep a constant eye on food with a temperature system that will alert you whether the truck conditions are too hot or too cold with GPS system’s temperature monitoring features.
  • Monitor fuel usage by activating fuel sensors. Reduce fuel costs by providing efficient routing and reducing engine idle time
  • GPS tracking devices help you track vehicles in real time that not only help assess and diagnose vehicles’ location, but also vehicle condition.
  • Maximize fleet efficiency and Asset utilization by feeding routes into a dispatch system that makes reallocation of usage of assets easy and efficient.
  • Avoid overloading by customizing GPS devices to calculate vehicle load. This will optimize vehicle performance in the long run and also speed up delivery.
  • Prevent theft by creating custom alerts, setting up geo-fences, activating engine shut down, auto locking doors and much more through GPS tracking devices
  • Eliminate risky driving practices by viewing surveillance data. Receive continuous vehicle feeds via two-way audio, texting or camera to ensure more responsible driver behavior.
  • Improve Driver compliance and safety
  • GPS trackers provide detailed delivery history logs. This will enable you to analyze driver efficiency and improve quality of service.
  • By using the start/stop reporting feature, view exactly how much time spent at customer locations as well as overall log times. This way, you can prevent overtime billing.
  • Keep track of mobile distribution points by using GPS food & beverage trackers. Points of sale such as a truck or pushcart can easily be tracked via GPS technology.
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