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Why Does Pet Tracking Use GPS?

Pets wander, that’s what they do. And as a pet owner, you are always concerned for their safety and how you can get hold of them if they wander too far. Thanks to innovations with the GPS technology, there are many products on the market which help you take care of your pet. The principle is simple, a GPS enabled chip such as a GPS dog collar will be attached to your pet at all times so that you can monitor its movement constantly by receiving updates. Cat or dog, your pet can now be fitted with a domestic pet tracker of your choice so that wherever you are, you can rest assured that your pet is safe and easily trackable if needed.

There are typically two kinds of domestic pet trackers available in the market. First is the one that tracks via a cell phone carrier, which means that they can be tracked via a cell phone or the internet. But one major disadvantage is that they work only in areas where there is cell phone coverage. Also, many of them have an ongoing service charge for usage of the tracker. The second type of cat tracking and dog tracking equipment works by transmitting signals via radio waves. These do not have a service charge but the disadvantage is that they do not have a longer range and the signal transmission is limited to a handheld receiver.

GPS Pet Tracking

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Domestic pet trackers have become ubiquitous of late due to their numerous advantages, which can be listed as follows:

  • Many of the cat tracking and dog tracking products available allow you to create a “Safe Zone” around your dog, your house fence or whichever perimeter you choose to consider safe for your pet. Any movement of the pet beyond this zone will instantly generate an alert for you so that you will stay informed and act accordingly to ensure your pet’s safety.
  • The alerts regarding the breaching of the safe zone perimeter can be set to be either email alerts or text alerts to your cell phone. This is up to the owner’s discretion and convenience.
  • Some GPS pet tracking equipment manufacturers also provide pet search services if the pet is lost. They utilize the GPS location of the cat or dog and ensure that they bring it back home safe to you through their specialized search services.
  • Advanced tracking systems have now been developed for even those pets who like to run alongside their owners as part of their jogging exercise.
  • The location history of your pet is saved on the servers of the equipment manufacturer so that you can log in and check where your cat has been in the last 30 days if you feel the need to do so.
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