Event Management Industry

Why does the Event Management Industry use GPS tracking?

Events are in short, massive collaboration and it is no wonder that event managements companies are always in demand. To oversee this fine meshwork of events and ensure that they run like clockwork needs large scale collaboration and efficiency. Scheduling, seating system, entry, security, personnel location, etc. are just a few of the various parameters that need to be looked after and managed. With the advent of GPS tracking technology you can breathe easy and let the events take care of themselves. Remotely manage and track your event’s entire itinerary with the help of GPS tracking and associated software solutions. If you need to know exactly where your personnel are at all times or how many are in your facility, GPS event tracking is the solution.

GPS Event Tracking

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Here are a few of the many benefits that GPS event management trackers have to offer:

  • Very easy to install. No labor required.
  • Unobtrusive, easy to use, small and aesthetic devices.
  • Know where each guest is located in real time, ensuring the safety of all the attendees.
  • Know where each of your staff personnel are in real time, helping you dispatch and allocate resources more easily and readily. This speeds up efficiency and reduces unwanted hassles.
  • GPS trackers facilitate asset management. With teeming crowds and scores of valuable equipment out in the field, it becomes a very challenging task to ensure that none of the expensive equipment gets stolen. Prevent theft by tracking valuable assets.
  • With GPS trackers and active RFID, personnel management has never been simpler. Staff location and activity is transparent and is conveyed to secure servers which can be immediately accessed by authorized users.
  • Deploy interactive seating, with the help of real-time seating charts.
  • RFID scanners ensure quick and effective seating. The use of scanners with Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) let invites turn into passes for quick entry.
  • Stay on top by knowing exactly where all your logistics vehicles are. GPS Fleet management lets you track vehicles in real time with a continuous stream of information that helps assess and diagnose vehicles’ location as well as vehicle condition. No more delays and waits. No more show stopping interruptions due to a failed delivery.
  • Communicate directly with fleet and ensure they get to the venue on time with the help of two way audio and interactive maps. Traffic updates and historic GPS route data also ensure faster navigation.
  • Single platform interface acts as a one stop shop for all your event management needs. Allow editors, photographers, stylists and TV crews to RSVP to multiple events at once on a single website, centralize media management. Have complete access to this data remotely even on your smart phone or iPad.
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