Field Services Tracking

Why does the Field Services Industry use GPS tracking?

With a burgeoning corporate and residential landscape, field services have never been more in demand. There are a wide variety of field services offered in this business world, from landscaping and pest maintenance, to HVAC and painting, and the list just keeps growing. The biggest challenges as a field services company are fleet management and asset management. The first focuses on how well you dispatch your units and stick to an estimated turnaround time (ETA) and the second focuses on how you safeguard your assets and monitor your field workers.

GPS technology offers effective solutions to these challenges posed and ensures that your business stays efficient and well protected.

GPS Field Services Tracking

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Here are a few of the many benefits that FIELD services GPS trackers have to offer

  • Track vehicles in real time and receive continuous feed on exact location on even PDAs. Know exactly where your vehicles and personnel are. This helps you efficiently route and schedule dispatches. Improve response time by knowing exactly where your fleet is.
  • GPS tracking solutions offer detailed driving directions to all personnel which help in getting to the destination site quickly and easily. Maps are intuitive and user friendly and do not require any training.
  • Maintain driver log times, restrict unauthorized use and designate optimized routes through historical data and log tracking. All information is stored on personal secure servers.
  • Traffic updates and weather updates allow for easy rerouting, ensuring high process efficiency.
  • Assess vehicle conditions by receiving constant updates as well as historical data on a range of vehicle functions such as arm lifts, doors opening, compaction, RFID tag readings and many others.
  • Prevent Theft and unauthorized usage of assets by setting up designated Geo-fences and speed thresholds. Receive alerts once a designated area is breach or a speed threshold is crossed. Remotely shut down engines or lock all doors with the help of GPS systems.
  • Stay connected always. GPS trackers offer failsafe communication.Radio communication often hampered in rugged terrains. GPS trackers operate via satellite and provide an infallible means to communicate within the fleet.
  • Monitor driver behavior through two way audios and also video feeds, to ensure that drivers and other personnel stay on track.
  • Travel/Stops reports act as a paperless timecard system.Eliminate paperwork through GPS technology and software. Job dockets, tip tickets, regulatory compliance forms, and billing is all updated at the click of a button and is readily available for your perusal on even a mobile phone. Eliminate unnecessary overtime billing.
  • Fuel sensors optimize fuel usage and help cut down fuel costs.
  • Route replay tools give you an objective overview of technician activity helping you fine tune service quality.
  • Field workers can also be attached with small, unobtrusive GPS tracking devices to know exactly where they on field, improving their safety and productivity. In case of an emergency, SOS buttons on these devices can bring in help swiftly and efficiently.
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