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Why does the Law Enforcement Industry use GPS tracking?

With crime on the rise every day, being a law enforcement officer is no cakewalk. Law enforcement requires one to be constantly vigilant, smart and on high alert to gather intelligence as well as crackdown on miscreants. The need to be covert is the need of the hour and can be accomplished safely and accurately through GPS technology. GPS tracking has manifold applications in law enforcement and can range from fleet tracking, suspect tracking, investigations, officer tracking and general agency management.

An increasing number of federal agencies are adopting GPS tracking technology in law enforcement. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and many police, sheriff, metro and transit departments across states and counties, to name a few.

GPS Law Enforcement Tracking

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Let’s take a look at what your law enforcement agency stands to benefit by employing GPS tracking technology.

  • Tracking suspects requires a considerable portion of staff, time and resources. With GPS trackers, track your suspects continuously without the need for continuous human monitoring, thereby reducing costs, conserving fuel and increasing officer availability.
  • Increase officer safety via officer tracking, respond immediately and dispatch backup for injured or compromised officers through GPS tracking. SOS signals from trackers allow each officer to send as well as respond to fellow officer’s distress calls.
  • Improve fleet management by installing GPS devices on every vehicle in your fleet. Know exactly where your units are at all times and smartly allocate and dispatch units based on need.
  • Respond quickly to a distress call by getting accurate directions and traffic updates that let units get to the call site on time.
  • Customize travel routes, calculate engine idle time, mileage and other vehicle conditions that allow you to bring down overall costs and improve vehicle maintenance.
  • GPS tracking devices also aid investigations by tracking packages, shipments and other retail merchandise as part of ongoing investigations.
  • Law enforcement trackers help in navigating through harsh environments and rugged terrains when visibility is poor.
  • Maintain constant communication through two-way texting and imaging.
  • Easily collect evidence for criminal and civil claims.
  • Sensors on GPS devices enable advanced detection of light, sounds, movement etc, and let officers to act swiftly.
  • Increase felony arrests through accurate surveillance.
  • By reducing the usage of fuel, there will be a steep drop in carbon emissions and other pollutants, giving your fleet the green advantage
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