High Value Asset Tracking

Why Does The Cash Collection Services Industry Use GPS Tracking

It is generally understood in the profession of crime solving that the shorter the period of time from the event or loss until the beginning of an investigation, the greater the likelihood that the loss will be recovered and/or the person responsible for the loss will be identified. Cash Collection vehicles are probably one of the most essential vehicles people rely on in times of need.

Tracking for Cash in Transit

Companies that transport cash from location to location are well aware of the dangers they face. Once an asset leaves the safer environment of a secure building it is immediately at a much higher risk. Many secure measures are put in place to prevent robbery such as employing trained security guards, booby trapped cases with permanent ink, armoured vehicles, communication radios and strict SOP’s (standard operating procedures). Unfortunately this does not deter criminals for attempting robberies or prevent them from being successful. These robberies are often violent even if there is no resistance. Whilst the money is insured, companies do not wish criminals to believe that it is a crime they will get away with and seek to make it as difficult as possible for them.

GPS Bank Cash Tracking

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S4 Vehicle Tracker

Benefits Of GPS System in High Value Asset Tracking: Criminal Deterrent

The vehicle tracking device is ideally placed to deter criminals and protect your cash in transit but also increase the recovery rates of your stolen assets. The vehicle tracking devices can be hard wired into each vehicle allowing you to monitor your entire fleet of vehicles on one control panel. If an incident occurs you can provide an exact location for the Police to attend to, this is especially useful if communication between you and the guards has broken down or is unworkable.

Should a vehicle or indeed a security box be taken then live tracking would allow the precise direction, location and speed of the box or vehicle to be watched with 5 second updates live on a map, information that will allow the police at the end of a phone to located and retrieve the asset in minutes.

Each money case can have a personal tracker placed inside so if ever stolen they can be live tracked for real time location reporting. This is critical as criminals will go to a safe house or location after the robbery to extract the money, it is at this point that is ideal time to recovery your cash. Recovery of the cash is time dependant, as time goes by the less chance of recovery there is.

Let’s not forget that the personal tracker can be worn by the guards themselves, easily hidden due to its small size. When pressed in an emergency the SOS panic button will send an instant alert to the control panel stating its location and if ever taken hostage they can be live tracked every 5 seconds.

These capabilities are key in the safety and security of your staff and in ensuring the swift recovery your assets. An affordable, simply and realistic solution.

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