Industry Solutions

Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier Companies

Sonasonic capabilities in the Transportation & Logistics industry are proven to provide competitive advantage for organizations that operate in remote and rugged regions of the world.

GPS Truck Tracking

GPS School Bus Tracking

Educational Institutions

Sonasonic can be used by Educational Institutions to monitor their fleet of school bus, report exact location of the student to parents enquiring about the vehicle status. It can be customized to locate the residence of students or persons who are availing the school transport facility on the real time map.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Sonasonic’s Vehicle Tracking System for Emergency Services helps in finding the nearest ambulance to a patient’s location on the map and locate the nearest hospital from the ambulance.

GPS Ambulance Tracking

GPS High Value Asset Tracking

High-Value Asset Tracking

Vehicle and asset management is an essential part of today’s logistics, shipment, construction, maintenance and many other companies operations. As vehicles represent large investments and are a critical part of operations, businesses need the ability to protect these assets and optimize their usage.

Oil & Gas Companies

Safe and efficient operations are key to the energy industry, especially those involved with Oil and Gas exploration and production. Health, safety and environment programs are crucial components for worker safety and uptime of facilities, plant and equipment.

GPS Oil Truck Tracking

GPS cold storage truck Tracking

Cold Storage & Reefer Trucks

Sonasonic is a web-based wireless solution for managing cold storage refrigerated trucks. Sonasonic provides timely information about each reefer’s location, temperature status and also triggers real-time alert notifications if temperature limit exceeds the threshold.

Corporate Fleet Management

Sonasonic’s full suite of fleet management solutions are designed to simplify your fleet operations. Sonasonic is a web-based solution and no additional software is required. Whether you’re a small business needing only a vehicle or two, or a large company with a mixed fleet, Sonasonic can take the cost and headache out of managing your company vehicles with our excellent Corporate Fleet Management service. With the help of Sonasonic, the customer can view the current position of a single vehicle, position of an entire fleet of vehicles, route information of the vehicle over a period of time and all events that occurred during a particular trip on street level digital maps.

GPS corporate cars Tracking

GPS Waste Trucks Tracking

Waste Management

Sonasonic’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for the waste management industry enables you to address routes of all types including commercial, residential and recycling. Waste management is an essential business service whether it’s collection, transport, processing, disposal, recycling and monitoring of waste materials. Operational efficiency gives you a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment. With the help of Sonasonic, the fleet manager can easily log the precise activities that account for the entire route, as they happen. Lifts, disposal, weight, skips, extras and every possible activity is associated with a time stamp and location calculation and is recorded to help you manage fleet productivity.

Government, Police & Defense

Sonasonic meets the fleet tracking needs and strictest security regulations for Government, Police and Defense applications. Sonasonic allows the control room to view which patrol car is closest to a location on an emergency call so the closest officers can be sent to save lives and for public safety in-addition to saving costs. Sonasonic can also show if a Government, Police and Defense vehicle is idling unnecessarily too long. Pre-fixed routes are loaded into the application and linked to the fleet. Any vehicle deviating from this pre-fixed route can set off an alert. Sonasonic can generate comprehensive reports on vehicle utilization. The operator can also use the application to plan delivery routes, identify logistical inefficiencies and provide end customers with real time tracking of patrol cars.

GPS Police Cars Tracking

GPS Travel Bus Tracking

Travel & Tour Operators

Sonasonic can be used for monitoring travel and tour vehicles. It can be customized to locate the passenger location on the map, location of the vehicle and destination. With the help of Sonasonic , the operator can dispatch the nearest available tourist vehicle to the passenger. Sonasonic comes with route mapping with real trip data, map interface and controls unwanted usage of vehicle by drivers. This feature can help travel and tour operators to provide secure transportation to passengers. Sonasonic fruitfully maintains control on all drivers with two-way communication process which makes it widely popular in the travel and tour industry.

Remote Generator Monitoring

Generators must be monitored to ensure optimal performance. Sonasonic is designed to provide remote monitoring of generators and their physical status. Sonasonic can be used to monitor all important events like generator’s location, fuel level, running hours, generator temperature and much more. With Sonasonic, you can now easily track the utilization time of generators in real time along with fault reports and sends alert notifications when parameters exceed or fall below certain thresholds, down times can be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore Sonasonic provides real time location of the generator, if it has been moved for any reason.

GPS remote generator Tracking