Aircraft Tracking

Why Does Air Taxi & Aircraft Industry Use GPS Tracking?

More and more aircrafts are taking to the skies each day. Chartered flights, commercial airlines, air taxis and what have you. The volume of air traffic is steadily on the rise and with this increase comes an increase in potential hazards. Situational awareness is the need of the hour and many aircraft companies need to sit up and take notice of this. They should be able to outfit, track and deploy their fleet of aircrafts with the minimum of efforts and maximum efficiency. With advances in GPS tracking and navigations systems, aircraft navigators equipped with GPS receivers, are able to precisely point an aircraft’s position anywhere on or near the earth by using satellites as reference points. GPS is poised to provide a new level of technology to Traffic Management Systems the world over. GPS tracking will pave way for a high level of safety, reduced delays and increased airways capacity.

GPS technology is especially relevant in case of small aircraft. One has heard far too many stories of small aircrafts taking off and then being discovered in horrific crashes. Not only can these crashes be prevented by employing air taxi GPS, the crash site can also be located more quickly, making it possible to hasten rescue operations.

Aircraft Tracking

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How has the introduction of GPS systems affected the Air Taxi & Aircraft industry? Let us take a look.

  • Aircraft trackers offer exact location details and immediately transmit signals via satellite or a cellular network making it possible to get accurate and timely readings.
  • With aircraft GPS trackers, remote trackingis easier said than done. Get updates, message and alerts on your computer or phone via the satellite. With an incredible accuracy opposite to that of current of ground based navigation and smaller systems, GPS systems offer real time data straight from satellite feeds.
  • GPS systems offer 24/7 tracking. Get continuous feed on flight status, weather conditions, speed and a lot more details which make a difference.
  • GPS aircraft trackers increase level of safety by taking manual out of the equation. Aircrafts lacking this technology have to give manual position reports once in an non-aircraft traffic zone. And this can lead to many fallacies. GPS tracking automatically gives position updates every few minutes and therefore can be lifesaving in the vent of a plane going down.
  • With GPS aircraft trackers in place, aircrafts can be operated on autopilot with even more ease and accuracy.
  • Improve course correction & Navigation by improving situational awareness of air traffic and other fleets.
  • GPS air trackers increase accountability as they allow aircraft operators to verify hours flown by each aircraft accurately. Maintenance of Logs can result in saving thousands of dollars.
  • GPS trackers also calculate Speed, bearing and altitude continuously and send the feed to aircraft operators who in turn communicate course correction and navigation.
  • Communication is made easy with GPS aircraft tracking devices as they offer built in voice or data communications capabilities.
  • With aircraft trackers, aircraft controllers and operators receive all-weather coverage based on satellite feed and intuitive gauging. This prevents many potential hazards.
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