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GPS Tracking Portal with Vehicle Management (Yearly Charges)

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GPS Tracking Portal with Vehicle Management (Yearly Charges)


Software Specialities

  • Commands can be send via portal for device Configuration on air so there is a reduced probability of human-intervention for troubleshooting process
  • Tracking at 10 second interval
  • Dot net portal
  • Multiple Reports and Real time tracking windows can be opened at a time

Tracking Portal Demo Login Details


User name: demoaccount

Password  : demo

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Product Description


  • Mileage Report
  • Location Reporting
  • Historical Route Information
  • Distance Report
  • Speed Report
  • Parking Report
  • Night Driving Report
  • Ignition On and OFF Report
  • AC On and OFF Report
  • Temperature and Fuel Sensor Report (only in model S8 and S10)
  • Vehicle Driver RFID Report (only in model S10)
  • Picture Report (only in model S10)

Alert Dashboard – Manage all alerts on a Live Dashboard

Read/ Unread Alert Status on Dashboard

  • SMS / Email Alerts
  • Unauthorized Zone Alerts
  • No GPS signal
  • External Power cut
  • Low External Power
  • GPS Antenna Cut
  • Overspeeding
  • Door open/ closed
  • AC On/OFF
  • Ignition ON/OFF
  • SOS
  • Enter Geo-fence
  • Exit Geo-fence
  • Low Battery


  • Real time tracking with Engine On/ Off status
  • 99% Distance Calculation Accuracy
  • User Management
  • Trip Management
  • Personalized Landmarks
  • Track by SMS/GPRS
  • Track on Demand
  • Track by Time Interval
  • Track by Distance Interval
  • Listen-in (Voice Monitoring)
  • Web-based Software


Command Center Mapping

Sonasonic Fleet’s high performance map delivers the industry’s fastest web-based maps with a patent-pending clustering mechanism that allows visualization of 1000’s of assets on a single map. High performance maps are critical to emergency dispatch.

Animated Vehicle History Trails

Sonasonic Fleet now supports the industry’s only routed history trails delivering more accurate vehicle history. Also, easily view vehicle history on the map for any date and desired period. See multiple vehicle histories simultaneously and replay at your desired speed.

InSight Real-Time Alerts

Gain valuable business insight with Sonasonic Fleet’s real-time alerting and exception engine, InSight™. It allows you to enter business rules and receive unlimited notifications of violations so you can control your business without spending a lot of time poring over reports or clicking on maps.

Fleet Overview

Only Sonasonic Fleet features the Fleet Overview Dashboard, the single source for all of your critical fleet information. It provides a global overview of your fleet’s status in real-time enabling you to make well informed decisions.


Managing large fleets is made so much easier with Search! This essential tool enables you to quickly find any vehicle, driver, location or tagged group.

Reports, Reports, and more Reports

Sonasonic Fleet comes with a suite of 50+ powerful reports ranging from detailed to high level. Schedule to run saved reports with one click or set them up to be emailed automatically to your team in the format of your choice.

Markers (Landmarks) and GeoFences

Quickly identify customer stops or stops at prohibited locations with markers. Set a marker as a pin-point location with a defined radius or even a polygon of points (also known as a GeoFence) allowing you to accurately define areas of interest.

Fleet, Driver & Team Management

Know exactly when your drivers start their shifts, where they are, how many stops they make and what time they complete their routes. Sonasonic Fleet’s real-time vehicle tracking software even gives you the ability to re-route drivers to save valuable fuel and time.

SSL capable

We recognize that our extremely fast and highly available applications need to be underpinned by rock-solid security.

Advanced Large Fleet Reporting

The Sonasonic Fleet report engine now uses cloud computing resources to generate massive reports. Most solutions are constrained in the amount of data that can be generated. The added insight provided by these reports allows large enterprise users to gather and analyze large amounts of data across their fleet.

International Language and Time Zone Support

Sonasonic Fleet now supports Portuguese and Spanish, with updated NAVTEQ maps for Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, and Mexico. Vehicles can also be tagged to report with specific time zones.

Find the closest Vehicle

Find the closest capable vehicle or driver to an address or known location. Sonasonic Fleet’s dashboard enables the fleet manager to locate a driver with the right skills and a vehicle with the right capabilities to dispatch to a job quickly

2-Way Messaging

Communication with workers in the field is essential. Live Messaging is available with Sonasonic Mobile and it allows you to instantly stay in contact with your fleet and allows drivers to easily communicate with base which can lead to an overall reduction in cellular voice usage.

Routing with Optimization

Advanced routing rules help drivers navigate traffic and reduce idling and delays. Drivers can quickly determine the best order to visit multiple stops and find the nearest vehicle when dispatching to a new stop.

Turn by Turn Directions

Dispatch turn by turn directions to mobile workers. Optimized routes can be sent to mobile workers via email or voice-prompted directions when using Sonasonic Mobile.

Satellite Imagery

Sonasonic Fleet delivers the most current and comprehensive sub-meter earth imagery commercially available, with new images being collected and uploaded every day, including Streetside and Birds Eye views. Armed with this high-resolution imagery, fleet managers will be able to identify assets in relationship to landmarks. This additional capability provides greater intelligence and management capability across the enterprise.

External Lat/Lon Link Option

Provide the Lat/Lon of a vehicle to quickly provide law enforcement the location of a stolen vehicle or to determine the location of an off-road vehicle.

Speeding Alerts against Posted Speed Limit

Know the exact driving speed of your trucks at all times and immediately be alerted when any of your employees drive over the speed limit. Sonasonic Fleet history reports help validate your fleets’ improved safety records, and can often reduce insurance premiums up to 10-15%.

Fleet Activity Tool

Makes investigations fast and painless. Specify a time, date or place to replay what happened there and who was involved. Ideal for refuting fake damage claims or incident research.

User Security Levels and Role Based Hierarchy

Security levels and assignments are user-configurable with an unlimited number of sub-users. Users may be assigned to one or more security levels. Security levels include: Crew, Field Supervisor, Fleet Supervisor and System Administrator.


Integrate existing internal applications with Sonasonic Fleet via standard web-based APIs. By integrating your CRM or Resource Management System with Sonasonic Fleet you’ll be leveraging everything a web-based GPS application has to offer by increasing user adoption and truly integrating it into your business processes.

Advanced Enterprise Dashboard*

Sonasonic is first to market with the Enterprise Dashboard, with which a manager can easily see with one screen view, the details for his entire fleet of thousands of vehicles. The display allow managers to monitor speed, location, real time tracking, all types of alerts, and more.

Sonasonic Live

Sonasonic has developed a self service portal that allows enterprise customers to give their own clients access to a restricted set of data.

Data Storage

Historical data is available to query for a given timeframe for one or multiple vehicles. If a vehicle goes outside of the coverage area, all reported information is stored in the vehicle. This information is reported once coverage is resumed.

Standard Report Rate

Our standard report rate is every 10 seconds.



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