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(a)  Rough estimates of battery life of S1 personal tracker with time interval:

  •  10 second interval: 6 hours
  • 30 second interval: 8 hours
  • 5 min interval: 15 hours
  • 15 min interval: 2.5 days


(b)  Also you can attach device to Power bank

(c)  If you want more battery life then we need to configure device in sleep mode

Please check whether

  1. Device is on
  2. SIM has active data pack in it
  3. Call the number in the device it should not show switched off

If the blue light is blinking this means GPS connectivity is lost, it can happen in case when the device is inside building or under trees , in underground parking etc.  Also  it will show  invalid in below picture.


If GSM signal is lost then green light will blink and device shows the location of Mobile tower that is GSM location given by mobile network. Location accuracy is around 1 km range or nearest mobile tower. It is not accurate but atleast can tell the rough location of device in emergency


If GSM signal is low like in remote areas and you send command through portal then it can show not online, if you retry after 2-5 min it will show online.





give missed call to device

VODAFONE :       0000,A21,1,,8800,www,,
AIRTEL: 0000,A21,1,,8800,airtelgprs.com,,
IDEA: 0000,A21,1,,8800,internet,,
TATA: 0000,A21,1,,8800,tata.docomo.internet,,
AIRCEL : 0000,A21,1,,8800, aircelwap,,
MTNL : 0000,A21,1,,8800, mtnl.net, mtnl, mtnl123
BSNL: 0000,A21,1,,8800, bsnlnet,,
RELIANCE : 0000,A21,1,,8800, rcomwap,,



To switch off engine 0000,C01,0,11111

( After C01 there is “0” that is the speed that you can adjust , at which vehicle can be stopped for ex if you write 20 then engine will switch off at 20Km/hr speed)

To switch ON engine 0000,C01,0,00000