Towing Industry

Why Does the Towing Industry Use GPS tracking?

Let’s face it. Vehicles break down. More often than we know it. And added to that, rash driving and negligence often leads to pileups in the most unexpected situations. Towing companies need to be quick, efficient and timely to ensure that tow trucks get to the tow area in the shortest possible duration. Sometimes the location and placement of destination makes it incredibly difficult for tow trucks to reach the site on time. With GPS tracking technology, get driving directions through harsh and rugged terrains to ensure driver safety and reach location on time.

The towing industry benefits greatly through the judicious use of GPS tracking devices. They are chockfull of fantastic features that improve efficiency, speed and quality of operations. Here’s a look at how they assist the towing industry.

GPS Tow Truck Tracking

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S4 Vehicle Tracker

Benefits Of Using Waterproof Sonasonic S4 GPS Vehicle Tracker in Towing Industry:

  • Track vehicles precisely in real time anytime, anywhere. Assess vehicle location as well as vehicle condition and be on top of your game.
  • GPS tow trackers determine accurate taxi location in real time and dispatch continuous feed and updates via satellite or cellular network. This information is continuously passed on to a central server where it is stored and can be retrieved at any time.
  • With GPS tow trackers, identify and dispatch closest available driver to incident locations.
  • Make better delivery estimates to clients by monitoring distances from destination e and giving accurate timelines.
  • Get to incident location quickly and efficiently with informed driving. GPS trackers provide detailed driving directions, traffic updates and weather updates to ensure you get to the incident site in record time.
  • GPS trackers offer failsafe communication. Traditional tow trucks rely on radios to communicate and radio frequency is often hampered in rugged and hilly terrains. GPS trackers operate via satellite and provide an infallible means to communicate within the fleet.
  • Real time location of drivers and vehicles allows for better customer service. Maintain logs, schedule quick dispatches, communicate within fleet and create a situational awareness that will lead to better and safer driving experiences.
  • Understand vehicle condition. With GPS tow trackers maintain logs on Engine and vehicle conditions, including fuel levels, tire pressure, cut off fuel gauge, engine temperature, battery status, engine RPM, throttle position, computed odometer and a lot more. This ensures better vehicle maintenance thereby reducing repair costs.
  • Call for backup easily by setting custom alerts. In case of repair and maintenance, quickly send a backup or repair wagon to fix up the stalled vehicle. This saves costs, time and improves customer service.
  • Maintain driver logs; receive continuous vehicle feeds to ensure more responsible driver behavior. Two way communication and continuous surveillance speeds up process and ensures better performance. GPS trackers also allow for photos of the tow truck to be taken remotely.
  • Prevent theft by setting up designated geo-fences, custom alarms and execute remote operations such as emergency door locking and engine shutdown.
  • By monitoring fuel and speed, reduce fuel costs and increase vehicle longevity. To preserve the car’s battery level, GPS trackers also turn off ignition, turn on headlight, turn on taillight, open/close doors etc.
  • Eliminate paperwork and simplify billing through easy to use GPS tracking software solutions.
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