Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier Companies

Why Does Cargo & Logistics Use GPS Tracking?

A cargo’s location, safety and condition can be monitored by use of GPS tracking technology, all from the relative comfort of a computer through the use of an easy-to-use software application over the internet. This mix of convenience and simplification offered by GPS tracking has revolutionized the field of logistics, with many businesses opting to employ this technology to improve their operational efficiencies as well as safeguard their cargo during shipment. Why has GPS tracking become such an integral part of the logistics industry in such a short span of time? The reasons are many-fold.

GPS Cargo Logistics Tracking

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Benefits Of GPS systems in Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier Companies:

  • It helps significantly improve trailer-to-tractor ratios, effectively increasing the productivity.
  • It improves the accuracy and reliability of service and delivery through real-time updates about the location of cargo, along with estimated arrival times and status of cargo.
  • Helps streamline and improve the management of shipments by decreasing response time to issues or while dealing with changing customer requirements
  • It reduces the risk of theft and losses through instant notifications in case of the assets being compromised
  • Helps in optimization of asset use by keeping track of “dropped” cargo and delays caused by detained trailers at customer site
  • Assist in transport of cargo that needs special care by monitoring various parameters such as trailer temperature, load status, trailer identification etc
  • Help maintain a log of information regarding pertinent factors such as shipment route, delays at different stages of transit etc, in order to enable accurate reporting
  • It assists in the implementation of “Just-in-Time” delivery systems, thus limiting inventory levels and improving asset utilisation.
  • It automates the process for the proof of delivery, thus simplifying the logistical processes a great deal.
  • It helps reduce labour costs by eliminating the need for human intervention at various stages such as inventory checking, delivery verification etc.
  • It improves the efficiency of supply chain management, streamlining cash flow by enabling instant delivery confirmations for invoice generation.
  • Customer satisfaction is impacted as a result of improved delivery efficiency as well as efficient sharing of information regarding the cargo transport.
  • Container tracking helps reduce the number of insurance claims, thus keeping insurance premiums for your organization in check.
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